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Thread: From a Lady in Ohio

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    From a Lady in Ohio

    Got this from a lady in Ohio. Her husband passed too young and the Gerstner was in his family for years (his grandfathers). Found her on Craigslist and it may have been her first time selling something there. She was skeptical because she read the Craigslist instructions on how to handle a sale (doesn't work to our advantage if you want it shipped or pay for it in a reasonable way). I first introduced myself with full name and location, told her it's one of my important hobbies, I'll pay for all shipping through Fedex (all she has to do is drop it off), and I'LL PAY FOR IT ANYWAY SHE WANTS. I sent her a photo or two of my restorations. Won her over and we ended up talking a lot about her husband and later the chest. As soon as I completed the restoration I sent her a photo as promised. Craigslist can be really difficult for sellers and buyers, but I always tell sellers I've never heard of a Craigslist scam involving a Gerstner tool chest (oh, comes the examples). Gerstner people are usually solid citizens of the United States of America!!!!!!!! Anyway, the chest was really nice...just old and a little beat up. Very solid with little glue work. The handle was the surprise. I was ready to send handle to be worked on by Terry, but when it arrived I was shocked. Best condition older handle I've ever seen. Six drawer? What number is this style?
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    Few more pics....

    Love restoring the smaller Gerstner's nowadays.
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    Sometimes buffing metal is a miserable place to hang out.

    The hardware was a little easier to buff this time around. When the hardware goes on the chest it means you are at the end of the long process of restoring a Gerstner. By then you know if you've done a good job or not. This is all about keeping me busy...engaged in life the way I want to engage in it. I set the time schedule, all the rules, all the standards....and I'm alone in a barn, sometimes with my dogs (until a machine goes on and then they run like hell). Listen to the music I want to listen to, reach into the fridge for anything I want to drink, listen to crickets fight for my attention at night..."Honey! Can you go to the store for me!" Oops, gotta go.
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    Terry Terry Bo Berry......thanks for very much. Mine is the "less wider one." Paid $200 for it and I would do that all day if I could. Did buy an appropriate label for bottom drawer, already had felt, and the handle was already in great shape. Of course, my labor is cheap....very cheap. Now to the next one....a set I picked up yesterday (062 with base). It's an older one with only one flawed. A bad lock without a key. The base has a key, which as you know is always a blessing when finding older chests.


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