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Thread: Unknown toolbox at estate sale

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    Unknown toolbox at estate sale

    Hi All,
    Forgive me,this one isn't wood ,it's black leatherette and ?aluminum?
    I had looked at this box yesterday,full of misc hardware, I didn't want the contents but the box intrigued me. I went back today and it sold about 45 minutes before I got there : ( . I had commented on it yesterday ,that I had some interest but wasn't going to dump the contents and leave a mess ya 'know.
    Anyhow lower left in this picture. Latches on top as well as the carry handle. It cantilevered out to expose two trays /divided (think ******* cantilever) on each side. Looked like the trays were aluminum. Outside covered in black leatherette. Latches were made by Eagle I believe. So did I ^*($ up and walk away ?

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    A little more searching and I believe it was made by the Knickerbocker Case Corp. There are some similar items on Ebay currently.


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