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Thread: Does anyone recognize this chest/cabinet combo?

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    Does anyone recognize this chest/cabinet combo?

    Good afternoon. I purchased this case locally and while Iím virtually certain itís a Gerstner, I havenít found any labels or tags yet. I thought at first it was a GI, but all the drawer fronts seem to be oak rather than veneer over plywood. The top contains a removable tool tray with a second tray inserted, and I believe the tray bottoms are laminate. It feels like maybe it was made in the 80s, but I could be wrong.



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    It's too new for me to render an informed decision, but it looks Gerstner, especially some of the hardware. Since you had the drawers out, did you notice any stencils on the inside of the bottom of the case in either box? That would be the first place I would look. Are the clasps engraved with Gerstner & Sons?

    Sounds like a good question for Scott Campbell.

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    Thanks, Terry. I pulled the bottom drawer out of the chest and there was a place where a sticker or something had been, but no stencil. I don’t see any engraving on the clasps, but I agree that the hardware looks right, as well as the keys.
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    Looks like a Gerstner International Set. I had one very similar to this.

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    I did one exactly like yours in April of this year. I don't have any other pictures because a guy came over to look at some chests, saw me working on it and bought the finished product. It was a mess. I had to buy new casters for it, new handles, and the push bar. There were no markings on or in the roller. The seller was no help at all. "I had it for some time" Nothing more. I submitted it to Scott, thinking it was an International. Once he went over my photos, dimensions, and other descriptors, he concluded that it was not a GerstnerUSA product and not an International. Lacking markings and the drawer configuration was all wrong. It's an unk. brand knock off. I don't have any pictures of the finished product because of a computer melt down, and the inability to post anything on the forum. He bought the no name roller for $600 bucks. Just in case someone asks, I cleared a little over a hundred. Ha, found a photo of the finished product. It's the best I can do.



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