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Thread: DO NOT Remove the Leatherette!

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    DO NOT Remove the Leatherette!

    For anyone curious about what a chest looks like with the leatherette removed, here is an example that will quell your curiosity. It is abominable. DO NOT do this to a chest!


    I saw this on Ebay as the perfect example of what not to do to one of these chests. No, Virginia, there is not pristine oak under that leatherette!

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    I agree with you Terry, but as you know.....I paint them. Funny, but when I gave a couple of relatives a choice of Gerstner's.....two of them picked my painted restorations. Either they love "real art," or they are just not sophisticated enough for the Gerstner game.

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    Painting it in the manner you do is the only viable option I can see after the foul deed has been done. It is either the scrap pile or us it as the base material for an artistic expression. That makes sense to me. Trying to refinish it to a representation of its former glory does not.

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    Well, I know it's blasphemy, but I removed the leatherette and put on genuine oak veneer. My regret is that, despite having three different paint suppliers try to match the stain color on the drawer fronts (which I simply cleaned and waxed), the color is still a bit off. I'd gladly share photos, if I could figure out how to add photos to this reply. (I have them on an SD card).

    Alan Goebes

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    Sometimes a colored wax can do wonders. For high-budget, Briwax. For low-budget, shoe polish

    Send some pictures


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    Click on Go Advanced, then click on the paper clip icon that shows up. Click on Add Files, then Browse for your photos and click Upload. Make sure you have your cursor at the point where you want them inserted, then click on Insert Inline. There you have it in a nutshell.

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    Well, trying to post photos, so I clicked on "Reply to Thread," then on "Go Advanced." That got me a reply box with a bunch of formatting icons at the top, and a bunch of emojis at the bottom, but I never found the paper clip..............
    So, help?


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    The paper clip is on the right end of the first row of icons:

    Paper Clip.JPGpaper clip circled.jpg

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    I get as far as selecting the photo and clicking on "Upload"--after a few seconds I get a message from the Gerstner Forum saying that the "Upload failed." Any ideas what I'm doing wrong...?


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    Your picture files may be too large. That has been an issue lately, I don't know what has changed.

    If you can't reduce the size of the photos, email them to me at and I'll reduce them and send them back or post them for you.

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    Den, do you have pics of one of your painted chests?
    Thanks, Bill

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    Hi, Yep, I removed the leatherette. It was too nasty to save. The pictures posted weren't that bad. I have several antiques from the early 1800's and they're not much different.


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