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Thread: Star chest,clean up and refurb.I need some parts.

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    Star chest,clean up and refurb.I need some parts.

    Hi all,
    Been reading this forum since my last toolbox find and I really enjoy the amount of info available. Thanks to this forum I've identified my chest as a Star/National Cabinet Co.

    I'll be refelting this fall but currently I need a couple pieces of steel that mount to the drawers for runners .

    I was also curious if anyone has the artwork for the label. I'm pretty sure our graphics shop at work could print them,if I can't get a waterslide decal to work here at home, but clean artwork would be very helpful as I can't manipulate the artwork.

    Thanks in advance. The forum had been nightly reading for me for the past week or so,just looking at the great restoration and originals out there.

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    That piece of steel is not stock, but was a cob job attempt at repairing the primary disfunction of STAR chests. They used steel rails in the box for the wooden drawers to ride on. The steel rails, however, were burred and sharp as a chisel on the ends and destroyed the rabbeted grove in the side of the drawer. Note how wide those drawer slides are now, them run your finger over the end of the metal slide rail: it will instantly come clear to you. Instead of rebuilding the drawer side (which is a woodworker's solution), he added a metal piece (a machinist's solution).

    I steer away from Stars for just that reason. However, I have been contracted to restore a few and usually end up re-milling sides for the drawers and remove all of the steel rails to de-burr them.

    More here:

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    Thanks for the further info. I assumed(incorrectly) that the steel was intentional as a two piece system to prevent exactly what happens with metal on wood contact. As I was reading the forum to help identify the chest as a Star ,I read about the steel drawer guides ,not thinking it only referred to the chest mounted piece .
    And your inbox is full ,says the PM system.

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    Thanks, I get a lot of mail and have to clean it out regularly. Should be OK for now...

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    Cleaned up a bit and new felt applied. I've got a couple pieces to redo. Lesson is stop when you are tired, wait until you are rested and fresh again.

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    Looks great! Good job on the felt! Take the day off, you'll feel better...


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