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Thread: Why put a hasp on a Gerstner or other machinist's chest?

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    Why put a hasp on a Gerstner or other machinist's chest?

    Why, why. why? I've seen it dozens of times and it begs the question - WHY?

    Many of the same chests show evidence of being forced open. WHY?

    Have these prople never heard of a locksmith? If they don't have a key, locksmiths are trained and equipped to pick the lock and make keys for these chests. If one had to go to the hardware store to invest in buying a hasp, wouldn't it be easier to stop at a locksmith and have the key made? It certainly would be better that making unattractive holes in a nice wooden box and attaching an unattractive hasp.

    OB-2.jpgO41 Ref. 7.JPG

    Just my rant for the day...

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    Agreed, have a bunch of holes to fill on mine from an aftermarket hasp as well.

    Maybe the factory lock is so easily picked that the hasp with a combo lock was only thing to keep people out of it is only thing I can think of. Because I know if I lost a key I would get the lock fixed before I added something to it so not sure why one of my ancestors didn't have the same thought process lol.

    Also my aftermarket hasp was screwed on so any lock placed on it would be an exercise in futility.
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    I don't think the factory locks are that easy to pick, according to my locksmith, anyway. I think it is laziness and the unwillingness to part with a few bucks. Plus it was an expedient way to keep the box locked up.

    A guy just dropped of a Style 42 that has no key. It is locked and full of tools that belonged to his father. I brought the whole thing up to my locksmith. He'll pick the lock, then make keys for it. Then it will function as intended.

    These boxes rarely come with keys. There must be some place in the universe where there is a mountain of misplaced keys!

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    I think many of the old timers looked at their tool chests as just part of the job and not worship them as we do. If a key is missing, screw something in and padlock it. No big deal. If you did that to one of my chests, I’ll have to introduce you to a good friend of mine....Vinnie.

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    Is Vinnie a locksmith?? Or a hit man...

    What also kills me is that these guys don't even know how to install a hasp correctly! The screws are supposed to be covered by the tang that flops over. Otherwise, what's the point? Anyone with a screwdriver could just unscrew the whole thing and, badda-bing, he's into the box!


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