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Thread: Date & model # of Pilloid box

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    Date & model # of Pilloid box

    Recently stumbled across this site and it made me curious about a box I acquired about 6 years ago at auction. It is a seven drawer Pilliod with leatherette covering.

    I would like to know if anyone knowns the manufacture date and a model number. The box is 20" wide,11 1/2" tall and 8" deep. The lock has P7 stamped on it, perhaps a clue. The leathetette is pretty much trashed on the bottom but I would say the rest is 80 to 90% intact although lose in places.

    The box could use a total restoration but I do not know if it is worth it. I have calculated that new leatherette, new corners and a new handle could end up costing me in excess of $150 US (about $200 canadian). I should add that I paid around $40 for the box that was full of tools. Most were worthless but there were some Starrette tools that were worth more than what I paid.

    I have cleaned the wooden drawers with some Howards restorer and treated the whole thing including the leathetee with some Feed and Wax. Looks a lot better now.

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    Looks like a Model 40, 1914 - 1926.

    Double check it here:

    Please do not replace the leatherette!

    Other Pilliods I have restored:

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    Thanks Terry. I actually ran across that catelogue site last night but was waiting for my post to be approved before I could add that info.

    I am easily convinced about not replacing the covering. I think I will just reglue the loose portions and enjoy the old patina. I would like to polish up the corner braces a bit but need to find a method to do this without having to remove them or damage the leatherette. Maybe I could cut some kind of a shield out of sheet metal and use a small wire wheel in a dremel to do the rust removal and polishing. Just a thought.

    Although I saw no evidence of the drawers ever being lined but I plan to line them with felt. This box will be the home for my Starrett & Mitutoyo measuring tools and I don't want them rattling around in the drawers. The only other thing I might do is replace the ugly handle.

    As with my old WW machines I can see wooden machinists chests being a slippery slope. I think my old metal machinist boxes are feeling nervious.

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    On my site, you will find articles about refreshing the leatherette and polishing hardware. I definitely do not recommend the wire wheel Dremel method! The hardware can be safely removed without damaging the leatherette. It needs to be soaked in Evaporust and polished.

    The drawers were originally lined with stiffened felt.

    Welcome to the obsession.

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    I like the design on that box having the taller drawers and no till.

    Also, Terry aint lyin, obsession is an understatement.

    I just started breaking down my first box a week ago, not even barely started, and looking for another for my girlfriend and one for some extra firearm items. So that has me one box broken down ready for work and parts and searching the interwebs for another....
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