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Thread: Great Grandfather's Gerstner Refinish

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    I, too, tried the CitriStrip and was less than thrilled with it. I thought it would be a good alternative to the Methylene chloride stripper I had been using, but it turned out to be a pain in the a$$. It took too long, dried into an annoying powder I had to scrape off, and did not thoroughly remove the old finish. I think I'll go back to taking my chances on the toxic stuff.

    I tried to be green! Didn't work....

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    I was skeptical at first but I find it removed all of my finish wonderfully and gave it a nice citrus scent lol. ANYTHING was better than how it smelled previously.

    I also think that because I let it dry 100% then scrapped the large portions off and reapplied a second coat and let sit for 45 minutes that it may have worked better. After I let the second coat sit for 45 minutes I started with a ScotchBrite pad dipped in Citristrip and it basically wiped the stain right off. Final steps was to hit it with a toothbrush dipped in Citristrip to get last of the grain cleaned then used the same brush dipped in mineral spirits for final pass and wiped off with clean towel and dry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by user459 View Post
    How unfortunate! I thought we had a plan...

    I am not a locksmith and my local guy will not open a lock and do repairs. I do know of another guy who will but he is very expensive.

    I'm willing to bet that a P.O. pried the top open and broke the tang off the locking mechanism that engage the hook on the hasp portion. I've seen it dozens of times. There is a current case posted on the forum. I also have a bin of broken locks on my bench that display the same problem. It's not easy to weld a tiny tang back on an integral part of the lock.
    Would you be willing to send me one of the broken locks to see if I can repair it? I would pay for any shipping and if I can repair it I'll send it back. ...... Due to I am pretty good at intricate work and this seems to be a issue that needs a fix. I don't really want to take my lock off ( it ain't broken) but I have repaired many locks/latches and such before.

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    Hey GGGFLA,

    Did you finish this project? We'd all like to see the end result if so, I'm sure.

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