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Thread: I believe it's a Gerstner but not sure

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    I believe it's a Gerstner but not sure

    Is this an old Gerstner? Bought it at an auction and when I got it home it looks to be a Grestner sticker on the bottom drawer although I never knew them to use stickers. The sides of the drawers seem to be an OD green so military maybe? The leather seems good no rips or anything but is dry. Whats the best stuff to use to clean and soften it?
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    What you have is an NCR (National Cash Register) repairman's case. It was made specifically for them to carry spare parts and tools.

    According to Scott Campbell, it's a Style 101,

    Here's the story:

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    Way to go, Terry

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    I think I'm getting the hang of this...

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    What a great find. I love it!
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    If you follow my restoration, I cleaned the case and treated the leatherette by coating it with Kiwi black leather dye and then Kiwi black liquid polish. That process evens out the color and brings back a luster to it. Mine has metal parts boxes in the drawers.

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    I almost passed on this on at auction but for 1.00 I didn't figure I could go too wrong. Great info here. Thanks for all the replies.


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