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Thread: Just bought this 18" wide on ebay

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    Just bought this 18" wide on ebay

    would love to know more about it. Would also like a ballpark resale value. I think I did pretty well paying what I paid, about 180.00 shipped. Thanks.
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    More pics

    More pics
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    Based on your chest's characteristics; the foil label, lid restraint hinges, and lock style, I would hazard a guess that it is an O41B made in the 1943 to 1948 time period. All that information can be garnered from Ted's excellent web site at:

    It's not a precise art. Dating is always tricky. Valuing these chests is even trickier. A chest is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. I have restored and sold scores of these boxes and you never know who will fall in love with what.

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    Hi Terry,

    Thanks so much for the quick answer. That looks about it. although as it is 18 inches, I would say it is the 041A.

    I am really happy with this chest. I use it to store modelling tools and supplies on my workbench.
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