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Thread: Gerstner line of Humidors?

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    Gerstner line of Humidors?

    I think I would love to have a Gerstner made humidor for my cigars.....

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    I've just acquired a three drawer locking humidor covered with black tolex. At least I believe its a humidor given all three drawers have tin bottoms. Attempted to upload file but it failed. Which may be due to having just joined the site.

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    The Travel Afficinado Has a cigar Humidor drawer

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    I have never seen a Gerstner humidor. I would think that the two are incompatible, given that humidity is the worst enemy of these wooden boxes. I have seen too many destroyed by the effects of excess moisture. Metal drawer bottoms were standard in Gerstners and do not indicate their suitability for use as humidors. My opinion only.... I don't smoke cigars.

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    The cigar drawer in our travel bar Aficionado is made from Humidor grade Spanish Cedar which allows for only the freshest Presidente's. However the idea of making a humidor by itself is an interesting one, and in theory would be cheaper. I will dicuss it with our owner. If you have suggestions for dimensions or specifications we would love to hear or see them!


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