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Thread: New aquisition Gerstner 41A...

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    New aquisition Gerstner 41A...


    I already owned a Gerstner 42 that I've had for about ten years...last week, I picked up a nice 41A in New England.

    It has a good bit of wear...or patina...but I cannot tell if it was originally leatherette-covered or not. There is veneer on the back of the case and it is slightly damaged on the bottom edge on the back. It has the "fleur-de-lis" hinges on the back, has a stainless steel link chain on the left side to hold the lid up, and the hasps are marked "Eagle Lock Co., Terryville, Conn. USA" The lock is marked "H. Gerstner & Sons - Dayton O." Hardware is attached with slotted screws.

    Someone has at some point added a couple of stainless steel clips as paper holders or something to the inside of the lid next to the mirror. Highly doubt those are stock and I have no use for them, so they'll come out when I replace the felt.

    The lovely, "dreaded previous owner" apparently has never heard of google, so they decided to reattach the original(?) (worn, soiled) felt with hot glue.

    I've ordered a key from Gerstner and am in the process of deciding what to do with the felt situation. It's easy enough to remove it since they used hot glue, but now I'm trying to decide what color felt to replace it with. My 42 has the original green felt and it looks ok, so I was thinking I might try a different color with this 41. Possibly burgundy, red, black, or royal blue. I'd really like burgundy, but not sure where to find it in 100% wool (I think my 41A must have had 100% wool originally) that has a firm hand that would work well for lining.

    Thanks for any hints on this...I've read a lot of threads in the forum lately...I will try to post pics of the case as that should help in determining if it was leatherette-covered originally.

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    Ok, since my post finally got approved, I am now able to add some pics for you to see this chest.

    It also occurred to me last night that if it was originally covered in the black leatherette, they wouldn't have used veneer on the back of the chest, so am I correct in thinking it is your standard oak finish then?

    Again, thank you for your thoughts...


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    Yours is an O41A, "O" for Oak. These chests all had plywood backs on the with an oak veneer as part of the plywood. I would stay away from wool felt or fabric store felt. Gerstner has a good selection of stiffened (sized) felt in several colors. Gerstner Owner's Club members get a discount. I use hot animal hide glue to attach the felt as the originals boxes were done.

    More details, pictures, and videos here:

    Welcome to the obsession!


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    Yes, I've read all about that and different types of wool, etc...unfortunately, Gerstner doesn't sell it in burgundy or blue which is what I'd really like...leaning towards blue right now. Also, they only sell 100% acrylic now, but I read that at various times they also used 100% wool and several blends of wool/synthetic. I thought a chest as old as mine likely used 100% wool felt originally, so that is what I'd prefer. Is that not the case?

    Thank you...

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    I prefer the acrylic because it doesn't end up stinking like an old sheep.

    Here are stiffened felt sheets in blue and they are 12" X 18".


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    Ok, that makes sense. Thank you for the info...I will check out the link.

    Thanks again...

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    Just finished one in blue

    I was completing the restoration of a Union D-14 and your post reminded me that I have a lot of blue felt. It looks great in this little case.


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    I saw that in someone else’s post, but it says it is self-adhesive...I thought you used hide glue to install your felt? I love that color blue and was going to order some until I saw the part about it being self-adhesive. I have hide glue on the way to install mine.

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    NOT self-adhesive

    The blue "Felties" I used were not self-adhesive. I installed them using hide glue as shown in the link I provided before.

    Here are specs on the sheets.

    Here is where it can be purchased:

    There is no mention of adhesive and, from experience, I can tell you it is not self-adhesive.


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    Thank you very much for this info...that is very helpful. I'd tried to find where to buy the same felt that is not self-adhesive and couldn't find anywhere that had it. Thanks again!

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    One more quick question for you since I know you've re-felted many of'll probably be able to answer it pretty quickly.

    How many sheets do you think I need to buy to refelt my 41A please? I'm ok with math, but not so much in minimizing waste where area coverage is concerned...

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    You will need at least 7 sheets. Cut the felt for the largest areas first. the inside of the top and the bottom of the top till. Then cut the felt for the long drawers. cut the felt for the small drawers, then the strips for the sides of the of the top and till. I use a rotary cutter, but an exacto knife, razor knife, or box cutter and straightedge will work.


    Video here:

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    Well, I got around to trying to order this felt and apparently, I am not able to buy it so that's just AWESOME.

    I don't have a tax exempt number so I can't buy from their stupid "darice" I went to their "affiliate" site "" and cannot find that felt in royal blue on there.

    Any other suggestions of places where I can actually buy this felt? I'm just about ready to write that company off for good and just go buy felt elsewhere. Maybe I'll go ahead and buy it in burgundy or maroon after all.

    Really don't understand why every single thing I ever try to be has to be so ******* complicated, but I'm about sick to death of it. It is so irritating...makes me want to chop the dang thing up and use it as firewood.

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    Felt Sheets

    There, there, now... take a deep breath and click on this link:

    Consumercrafts has 12 X 18" stiffened felt sheets in Royal Blue.

    It's only as complicated as you make it.

    Felt sheet.JPG

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    I appreciate the link, but that wasn’t visible from their webpage,’s not “as complicated as (I) make it...”...they should fix their website. I’m not the one that screwed up their website.


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