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    This is the roller unit that was part of the 3 piece set (Roller, Base, O72 that I already restored). I put this under the Unknown Chest thread because I thought it was a GI and the seller also told me that from his memory, to him it was a GI. I contacted Scott about some casters and the subject came up. I sent some photos before the tear down, along with measurements. Based on drawer configuration, he said that it did not match and GI model. There are no markings on the the unit, so for now, it's an unknown. Casters? They were trashed. Bearings were rusted so bad that only one could rotate 360 degrees. I purchased all 4 for replacement and received them yesterday. They matched the mounting of the old ones. Even the attaching hardware matched the old ones, lucky. The drawers are almost done at this point. This thing is a monster. It take both me and my wife to move it around because of the weight.

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    Finished the roller unit today. Still haven't made in headway in determining the maker.


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