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Thread: Just bought this chest . Who is the maker

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    Just bought this chest . Who is the maker

    I have been a machinist 32 years and love old machinist chest. Can someone help me identify this chest . No Gerstner marks . The drawers have a penciled number of 53 on each one . The lock only has a number 8 on it . Nothing stamped inside the chest . Looks like a model 31a . Any clues .
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    Looks to me like a Gerstner Style 20 or Style 35. It just depends on the dimensions. Here is a link to a page on the forum which talks about the 8 drawer model Gerstners. All of the dimensions are included so you can simply measure.
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    John is right. We need accurate measurements to determine which Style number it is. I have no doubt that it is a Gerstner; I have several like it.

    Compare your dimensions with the ones for a 5/3 case on Ted's excellent site:


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