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Thread: Get Posting!

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    Get Posting!

    Come on, Guys, how about some New Posts! No one has posted in a long time! I can't believe you're sitting there doing nothing. Post you latest project or questions. Send in photos and you wants list. We would love to hear from you.

    That includes you, Scott.

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    I haven't noticed 'Bill' on here for some time. Does anybody know a reason?

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    I emailed him, but haven't received a reply. I hope he's doing OK.

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    Ok Here is my 052. I did a light restoration(cleaned, polished hardware, refelt etc...) and I am using it for my fly tying gear.Gerstner 4 (2).jpg
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    Excellent! I've had many guys ask me at shows if these boxes would be suitable for fly-tying supplies. Yours is an excellent example of this use.

    Thanks for sharing it.


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