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Thread: Domed Split rivets

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    Thanks, just doing my job. Oh, wait a minute, I don't have a job! Just doing what I like to do.... (I have six Saturdays and one Sunday each week) That's the price for being an old fart!

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    Funny, but when I want my dogs to go out and play I yell out "Squirrel!" When I hear "Gerstner!, I run out!

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    Terry,tried to message you@ rivets but your box is full......would like to purchase a bulk amount. thanks!

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    The rivets are on their way! I cleared room in my mailbox.

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    Thanks for tackling the rivet project Terry. I haven't been able to bring myself to attach the handle you restored so nicely for me with the wrong rivets. I've made you an offer for a pack on Ebay. I have a feeling the world will seem just a little more "normal" once this project is complete.

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    I agree. I am a stickler for originality and was stunned to find that the correct rivets were not available. Every time I used the flat, truss-style rivets, I cringed. Not that they aren't correct on some boxes; but not all. It took considerable time and expense to get them made, but I feel it is worth it. I hope others do, too.

    Post pictures of your project when you get a chance. We'd love to see it...

    Yours are on the way.
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    Interested in the split rivets.also I believe on eBay for info I am acquiring know how as I work on 2 gerstners and a (I believe) sipco with 403 written on back of front panel has metal drawer rails and excelsior hardware on front. Appreciate your knowledge on these chests. Thanks john

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    Welcome aboard John. If you live in Holland, good luck with understanding our lingo. This is a great forum for help, knowledgeable members.
    Check out this site for identifying and dating pre-1960 USA chests -
    Let us know when we can help more…..Ted

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    Terry's tool boxes Card.jpgDutcheich,

    I sent you a private message. I don't have any rivets on Ebay right now, but still have them available.


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