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Thread: Domed Split rivets

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    For domed rivets with easier sourcing; you might look at Monel alloy.
    Monel a 67% Nickel Alloy with the reminder copper at el. It is very bright and looks like Nickel.

    The MS20615-4M12 rivet is a 1/8 (8/64) shaft and 0.75 inches long. Head diameter is 0.25" with a 0.108'' radius (0.054 height) domed head size.

    It's not split; but a Dremel disk could accomplish that part fairly easy.

    They are sold by weight, about $120 for a pound. Thus 50 or 100 parts would be cheap.


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    Negotiations with the Vietnamese seem to have stalled. They talk a good game, but can't seem to get it together. I still haven't received good samples and have been at this since February, 2018. Maybe I'm just impatient.

    I do have a Plan "B" in place. I heard from a manufacturer in China who is very interested in the product and very impressed with the quality of our tool chests. His pricing is also better than the one in Viet Nam and he is willing to provide smaller quantities. I'm still looking at a minimum of 10,000. If I don't get good samples or communication from the Vietnamese company by the end of the week, I'll switch to Plan "B".

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    I've been down the road sawing stainless steel domed rivets. Done by hand with a mini machine vise, stainless with a dremel consumed a blade for two rivets and about 10 min apiece on what I consider "gummy" stainless steel. I believe the only way to make it painless to do would be using a mini chop saw with thin diamond blades and a special vice jig to secure the rivets without clamp pressure on the slitting end of he rivet, $$$... The rivets I did polished nice and look good, but I'll gladly support Terry's offshore quest.
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    After more empty promises from the Vietnamese source, I have commissioned the Chinese vendor to make a mold and provide me with samples. They seem eager to please, but the proof is in the pudding, as they say. I'll keep you posted.

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    I just made payment for the manufacture of the split rivets by the Chinese firm. We had a few glitches we were able to successfully resolve, but the process is on its way. I have asked for some help through Gofundme and got a positive response. Not enough to finance the entire venture, but it helps.

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    Rivets came today...

    After fighting this project since February, 2018, I finally have product in my hands! 10.000 domed head rivets! Need any?


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    I'm sure I'll be getting some of these from you because the flat rivets are not "the truth!" Good job Terry....once you start something you really go after it.

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    Like a junk yard dog!!

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    They call me a “junk yard Golden Retriever,” which means I enthusiastically go forward when offered treats...then I take a nap.

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    Latest link to rivets on Ebay:

    Or contact me directly.

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    I used the new rivets from Terry on a handle Terry completed for me. The handle is kick-ass (again), and it's hard to believe it took someone outside Dayton to come up with quality rivets that "really" match our Gerstner chests. Hats off the Terry.....Hail Terry!


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