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Thread: Improvised Handle on Style 52 Chest

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    Improvised Handle on Style 52 Chest

    I bought this style 52 without a handle. I noticed that later chests of this size used side handles instead of the top handle, for obvious reasons. Someday I may make a leather handle but as a temporary replacement I thought about something that could work without removing the remaining handle hardware. The frame is made of 1/2 x 1/4 aluminum with shoulder bolt pivots. The handle is black walnut. The inside center of the aluminum was milled thin enough so the frame could be sprung into the brackets and the wood piece slid in after. The handle is strong enough to lift the fully loaded chest if the handle operator's arm is up to the task.
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    I like it - nice work.
    I love to see machinist style modifications/repairs to machinist chests.


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