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    union hardware

    I am looking for some hawrware for a union machinist chest I am restoring. I have tried and ther are some part they do not have. I am looking for the drawer handles (9), the corbin key latch and the leather handle. All nickle plated.

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    Why did you take the handles off? I assume they are the stamped steel pulls. How are you going to reattach new ones? I have not been able to find the right rivets to do that. I usually just polish them up where they are and mask them off to refinish the drawers.

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    My technique for the bar shaped handles on Unions is to remove them. I fill the holes with wood bondo, let dry and sand smooth. Once I have restored the drawers, repairs, sanding, staining and finish application, I re-attach the handles by starting a very small pilot hole that I have filled. Nothing fancy, I just usually poke a small hole with the tip of a small nail. I then use #4 round slotted 1/2 inch wood screws to secure the handles. I use the slotted screws as to keep with appropriate style screw head for the age of the chest. Hard to explain a phillips screw on a chest from the 20's 30's and so forth. As you can see by my photo, you hardly notice that it's not secured with rivets. If your local source for screws does not have them, try on line with Bolt Depot. They are unique because you can buy just one screw just to try it out to see if it works. If does, you can go back and order more.

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