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Thread: Daily use GO82 and 4 drawer base

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    Daily use GO82 and 4 drawer base

    I thought I would post a picture of my GO82 box and 4 drawer base. I have been a patternmaker for 23 years and have always had at least one Gerstner box. I have several now and am always buying more. I use all of my boxes either in the shop, garage, basement, dresser, wife’s jewelry box or to store router bits. I have always been fascinated with the design and quality of the boxes. When I started as an apprentice I laughed at the guys with the “dirty old wooden boxes” I thought I needed a nice shiny red Craftsman toolbox set. An old journeyman told me that when you get a job you get a Craftsman, when you become a craftsman you get a Gerstner. I’m still hoping to become a true craftsman but when I do I have several Gerstner boxes,
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    Love these boxes. Mine is full of watch parts.
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