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Thread: Star Chest saved from the trash

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    Star Chest saved from the trash

    First I must apologist for this short post. But it's 3:00 a.m. and I just found you guys. So I'll do a proper post with pics later on.

    I found a Star machinist chest in the trash. I need a front cover for it. Anyone know where I can get one. I bet you guys refer me to Terry. Hopefully he will see this.

    More later on what to do with this chest. Thanks

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    I threw what was left of my STAR chest in the trash. No front panel either. Good Luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by user459 View Post
    I threw what was left of my STAR chest in the trash. No front panel either. Good Luck!
    Thanks for the reply.

    Is it worth the effort to make one. Has anyone tried and how did it turn out.

    Do they ever come up on ebay or anywhere like that.

    What's in there now is a piece of slate I think. It has the proper knob, holes for the locking pins, and the groove to go in the bottom. Surely that couldn't be original could it.

    The outside is horrible. But the drawers are nice. Is this worth any effort. Heck. I guess I could use as is.

    I gotta leave for the day but will post pics tonight. Thanks

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    The simple answer is: if you like it, it's worth it. If you are trying to please anyone other than yourself; not so much. In my experience, STAR chests were not built for endurance as Gerstners were and are. The metal drawer slides eat away at the drawer side grooves until they just don't fit well any more. I have restored several on contract for others and they have come out nice, but not something I would drool over.

    Incredibly boring details here:

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    You certainly can use it without the front panel.
    I moved my shop in 1977 and most of the machinist chests here have not been closed for 30 to 40 years.

    However - I encourage you to make one, don't worry about how it turns out it'll be fun and a learning experience.
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    So here's the story.

    I found this thing in the trash. A lady was still carrying some things out so I got a little history on it. She said it was her Dads and that he used it for work at Granite City Steel, in Granite City, Illinois. Which is where I'm from. Thank God not by the mill though. There's still a work order in it from 1989.

    The outside covering is trash. Can that be removed. What is that stuff. If so would there be nice wood underneath. The handle is shot.

    The drawers are very nice inside and out IMO. I don't see the usual damage that you guys speak of. The mirror even has a pin up girl!!

    It even came with some various tools that I have no idea what they are.

    As mention the front cover is missing. So with the rest of the problems I don't think it worth making a cover is it?

    I'm not really a machinist but do have some tools. I think I may just use it as is. Unless you guys think it could be brought back to its former glory,,,lol.
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    I just added a story and pics. It said it was posting but its gone????

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    Try again.
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    The girl in the mirror looks nice.

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    The girl on the mirror gives the chest (no pun intended) a story. Reminds me a little of those paintings on WWII planes.


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