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Thread: O62 and B62

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    O62 and B62

    Finally finished these two. Actually, the B62 was the hardest and took the longest. All original hardware polished up. I did have to order a new lock for the base because the original had been pried on and broken. I thinned out a brown walnut stain and finished with 2 coats of spar and new felt.


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    Love those 62s! Great set you have there.

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    Say goodby to the O62 and the B62. The buyer of my wife's 51 Chev Deluxe came by with his wife. My wife's father passed away and his car is being stored in our garage pending the sale. The buyer laid down a deposit and asked if we could keep it until he makes room in his new shop. First thing is his wife fell in love with the car so I guess it's a done deal. Second thing was when she saw the two 62 pieces together, well, he bought them for her on the spot.


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