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Thread: Horrible show!

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    Horrible show!

    I do quite a few shows where I set up, display and sell my completed restorations. Mostly to placate my wife who says, "When are you going to sell some of those tool boxes?" If I had my way, I'd keep them all. I don't like to sell these boxes on Ebay. Ebay takes a cut, then PayPal takes a cut, then I have to box them up and pray that USPS, UPS, or FedEx doesn't wreck them. I'd sooner sell them at a show and watch as the new owner hauls it away.

    Last weekend, I did a two day show in Elkton, FL, just outside St Augustine. They recruited me after seeing my set up at the last show I did in Cocoa Village. They promised a "Mega" show with 20,000 attendees and billed it as The Florida Outdoor Show and Seafood Festival. It was nothing of the sort. No traffic and no seafood. I had more vendors come to my booth than actual customers. Those that did stop by looked like they were coming to a hillbilly hoedown! They had located us out in the back 40 near the highway. Finally, on Sunday, they moved us closer to the front, but still no action.


    Between entry fees, trailer rental, hotel room, and expenses, I easily sunk $500.00 into a totally unprofitable venture. I'll have to try to make it up at the next show in Historic Cocoa Village on March 4th and 5th.

    Thanks for allowing me to vent and rant.
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    Keep the faith Terry. Don't let them bring you down.

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    Always stinks to feel like you have wasted time and money. Better luck next time.

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    eBay looks a little better after a show like that

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    Great display Terry...It is like this in the watch business these days too.
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    Great looking display. I feel your pain, I have been talked into displaying at some shows that felt and went the same way.

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    An interesting thing about eBay (for me) was I've sold some chests there.....and had several of those buyers buy more chests "off-site." In other words, they would pick them up.....see what others I've had, and bought some more. Some buyers contacted me later that had chests sent through mail and wanted more. When I refinish a chest and feel really good about it I sometimes say, "wow.......who wouldn't want one of these!" The problem is most people can't afford to replace their water heaters with cash when they break down. The middle class is shrinking and as many people that would love to own a Gerstner (both new or used), it can be a tough buy.


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