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    7-Drawer Products

    Gerstner Tool Chests - Style 33

    The Gerstner Style 33 was described as "A Portable Tool Case that is large and roomy, yet convenient to carry from one job to another with a full kit" in our 1914 Catalog.


    The Dimensions of the case were:
    Style 33 - 26" wide x 14" tall x 8" deep

    There were 7 drawers in the case. The 3 in the upper left were all 1" tall inside the drawer. The 2 on the right were 1-1/2" tall and the bottom 2 drawers were 1-1/2 and 3" tall.

    The front lid was hinged on the bottom allowing it to swing down over the edge of the workbench and there was a 4" deep open space under the bottom drawer for additional storage.

    We also made a 31" wide version of the case.

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    Gerstner Tool Chests - Style 41 Series (3 Different Models)

    The Gerstner Style 41 is one of the most recgonized and copied tool chest designs that Gerstner has ever made.


    The 3 models and their sizes are:
    Style 41 - 16" wide x 12-1/4" tall x 8-5/8" deep
    Style 41A - 18" wide x 12-1/4" tall x 8-5/8" deep
    Style 41B - 20" wide x 12-1/4" tall x 8-5/8" deep

    All 3 models had the same 7 drawer layout, with 2 half-width drawers on the left, 3 half-width on the right and 2 full-width drawers.

    The original design of the chest has the front lid (door) with a lock which locked directly to the opening top. The early chests didn't use the spring loaded pins to hold the front lid closed.

    The 1914 catalog mentions that the mortised lock on the front lid had 144 changes. The catalog also mentions that the case was strictly high grade in workmanship, material and design, and not to be compared with the cheaper imitations on the market.

    We added the 4th model, the Style 41C in 1918, which had Dimensions of:
    Style 41C - 20" wide x 12-1/4" tall x 9-1/2" deep

    We had also changed the design of the chest to start using the spring loaded pins to hold the front lid closed.

    In 1930 the listing changed in the Gerstner Catalog to show both Art Leather and Quartered Oak options available for the exterior of the chest.

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    Gerstner Tool Chests - Style 41

    Here is a picture of the Style 41 from the 1919 catalog that shows the change of the front lid to the spring loaded plunger pins.


    The 1919 chest also shows the addition of the diamond shaped backplates behind the drawer knobs.

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    Gerstner Tool Chests - Style 15

    The Gerstner Style 15 was designed for the Tool Maker or Machinist.


    The Dimensions of the case were:
    Style 15 - 6-3/4" wide x 11-3/8" tall x 15-1/2" deep (based upon the drawers are the front of the case)

    There are 7 drawers that were 5" wide and had inside heights of 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1-1/8", 1-3/4" and 2-1/4"


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