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Thread: 4-Drawer Products

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    4-Drawer Products

    The Gerstner Style 14 was described as "A Neat and serviceable Case that is popular with mechanics who desire a deep tray" in our 1914 Catalog.


    The Dimensions of the case were:
    Style 14 - 16" wide x 12" tall x 8-1/2" deep

    There were 4 drawers with inside heights of 3/4", 1". 1-1/4" and 2".

    If you look at the picture, the front lid (door) has the lock which locked directly to the opening top. The early chests didn't use the spring loaded pins to hold the front lid closed.

    Photos of a refinished Style #14 courtesy of forum member - blurredvision

    Style-#-14-01.jpg Style-#-14-02.jpg Style-#-14-03.jpg

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    Gerstner Tool Chests - Style 101 NCR Repairman's Case

    The Gerstner Style 101 was a extra rugged Service Repair Case built to take abuse. This case was also known as the NCR Repair Case, which was used by NCR Repairmen when they traveled to service NRC Cash Registers. (We still have an original case at our factory, which is shown in the photos below.)

    BK101_cR2_NCR_Repair_Case.jpg BK101_oR_NCR_Repair_Case.jpg BK101_Drawers_NCR_Repair_Case.jpg

    The Dimensions of the case were:
    Style 101 - 6" wide x 11" tall x 18-1/8" deep

    There were 4 drawers with inside heights of 3/4", 1-1/8". 2-5/8" and 3-3/4".

    The end of the case swung open, to have narrow, but deep drawers. Inside the end of the case, there was a spring clip to hold paperwork. The drawers were painted with an Olive colored Enamel paint. The case was reinforced with L-straps on the sides and the drawers had steel U-brackets on the inside of the drawer at the front and back for reinforcement.

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    Gerstner Make-Up Case - Style BK-309

    The Gerstner Style BK-309 Make-Up Case.

    The ideal medium sized make-up case. A compact case design for lightweight portability with all the features and durability of our larger chests.

    4 Walnut Drawers with brushed nickel steel bottoms
    Nickel plated hardware
    Green felt interior
    Black leatherette exterior
    Straps in lid hold carded items


    Overall Dimensions: 13-3/8" wide x 9-1/2" tall x 7-1/2" deep


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