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Thread: Old George Scherr chest still very much in use

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    Old George Scherr chest still very much in use

    Here's a George Scherr at my work. I always thought it was a neat toolbox, but I never knew who made it until I recently started researching it. These photos are from just a few days ago.

    As you can see, it's still in use today. This belonged to Don Brookfield Sr. He founded the company, Brookfield Engineering, in 1934. He passed away in 2004, a year before I started working for them. I've heard some great stories about him from people that had the privilege of knowing him before he suffered a physically and mentally paralyzing stroke in 1997.

    Now that I'm mildly hooked on this stuff, I want to find out more information about this box. His son David still shows up almost every day. I'm dying to ask him if he knows anything about it.
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    I don't know if this will help, but here are details on two George Scherr chests I restored:


    This one I just refreshed for Richard's wife:

    I may have a water slide decal for you....

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    That is a really neat chest and a great story. Thanks for the pictures.
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