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11-26-2015, 11:37 PM
Happy turkey day. Puttering around today. Picked up a new chest, a walnut model 1216 with three drawers. Price was a little over my limit, and it's newer than I usually pick up, but I got it anyway because it's walnut. Two drawers had structure issues, looks like they had been dropped. The finish was terrible for being such a new chest. Looks like it spent a long time in the sun or near some heat. The drawers have been repaired and the finish removed. Started final sanding, but haven't decided on a stain color yet. The hardware wasn't too bad. Took about and hour to polish them up. As a side note, that Sipco that I was working on has now been spoken for. A gentleman was looking for an old chest for a gift to his son. He looked around at the ones available, but when he saw the Sipco on the bench being worked on he started asking questions about the chest and what and how I would finish it. Everything was apart and in pieces. I think the deciding factor was that the chest was made out of American Chestnut. He was raised on the East Coast and remember his Father talking about how all of the American Chestnut trees had been wiped out by some bug or blight back in the 30's. So when he asked, my wife told him that because the chest had not been finished, he could pick the color of felt. He chose brown. I've finished the chest, but the felting will have to wait until it gets a little warmer because the hide glue just doesn't work in cold weather and my garage is not heated. Yes, I know, it's California, but it's been raining and cold and there's snow on the tops of the hills behind us. Did you hear what Putin was going to have for Thanksgiving? Turkey. LOL


12-01-2015, 12:48 PM
Finished my walnut 1216 3 drawer today. Scott advised me that this was built as a shooters chest, from the 70's thru the 90's. Completed the repairs. Polished up the hardware and removed what was left of the finished. Stained with a darker stain after lots of sanding, and finished with 3 coats of spare. I re-felted and added a newer spare mirror that I had laying around. It probable didn't come with a mirror and I did not see any hole patterns in the top of the lid after I removed the old felt. But, most of the people who are interested in the ones that I sell to support my restoration habit, expect to see a mirror in a Gerstner.