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  1. I can't ID this chest
  2. Need help to ID chest.
  3. What Is This?
  4. I'm not sure what this chest is, but it does have metal slides so would it be a sipco
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  8. is this a gerstner?
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  15. Picked this up at the Nashville Flea Market
  16. Tackle Box?
  17. Import?
  18. R. H. Buhrke Co. Mechanic's Tool Case
  19. Wood and Metal chest
  20. Tool box?
  21. Old chest, no maker label or id
  22. my 25$ special
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  24. Small tool box
  25. I Picked This Up at an On-Line Auction
  26. New one to me
  27. Two unknowns
  28. Another mystery chest
  29. Looks home made
  30. I'm going to need some help with this one
  31. Unknown Dental CHest
  32. question on authenticity
  33. Interesting drawer pull hardware
  34. Leather drawer pulls?
  35. What Is It?
  36. Definitely Hand Made - Likely an Antique
  37. Sort of Union-Inspired Chest
  38. Gerstner Tribute chest in Fine Woodworking Magazine spotlight
  39. 2 hand mades
  40. This one has me baffled
  41. Homemade?
  42. Lightweight case
  43. Bench Boss
  44. Unknown wooden chest
  45. Don't know...homemade?
  46. Haven't started this one yet
  47. Definitely Home Made....
  48. Who made it?
  49. Tool Shop Hardware Company?
  50. Home made
  51. Roller
  52. Unknowns
  53. California made
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  55. Unknown toolbox at estate sale
  56. Need help in identifying this tool chest.
  57. Need help in identifying this tool chest.
  58. How old is this one? I know itís a Patternmaker
  59. Two and three piece drawewr knobs
  60. Need help identifying this box
  61. What kind of box is this
  62. Estate Sale Find