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Thread: Gluing Felt Into a Chest

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    When the hide glue begins to cool can it be reheated so the process can be completed?

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    Sure, I just zip up the bag and slip it back into the crock pot if I feel it starting to drag on the brush. It only takes a minute to get back to temp. Good to go!

    Details here:
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    I tried 3M adhesive and even used some adhesive backed sheets of felt when I first started restoring, but finally concluded that the old hide glue method is best for me and is the method most accepted by collectors and customers.

    Plus, I have tried to remove bad spray-on and adhesive jobs before and they are a bitch! It's much easier to remove felt installed with hide glue just with hot water.

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    How well does the MusiCaravan Brass Glurpot work when applying the felt to the drawers etc.?

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    It worked well, but didn't hold enough glue to do a whole box. That's why I went to using a small crockpot and a quart plastic bag.

    Check this out:

    Also: https://gerstnertoolchest.shutterfly...orationdetails


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