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Thread: 35B seven drawer in rubbed linseed oil

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    35B seven drawer in rubbed linseed oil

    Almost finished

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    Looking very nice! Just the felting to do? I take it you resolved your lid/knob issue. What was you fix?

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    Dave, I'll post my solution on the other thread.

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    As I get older it matters less and less what my targets look like as long as I show up with style!

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    That would sure look nice on my shooting bench! As it is, I re-purposed a Pachmayr Pistol box. I made a couple of drawers and am going to be gluing the felt in as soon as I can find some Hide glue.


    I have a question of you: How do you get your pictures to show up so large on the site. The site keeps telling me mine are too large.

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