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Thread: my 25$ special

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    Here are the quarter view photos. It's a pretty nice box.

    Hollowell left.jpgHollowell right.jpg

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    The only reason I bought this is because it was mahogany. It was in such bad shape it could have qualified shipping in one of those flat boxes. Lots of structure repair and the drawers were a mess. Most of the hardware was present but I did have to find a period correct replacement lock and catch. That took about three weeks to find but it was a perfect match. It also included a working key. Why blue felt? Well while I was working on it, it took about 2 months to complete, someone wanted it for a gift and the receiver likes blue. I don't know who manufactured it but it's similar to Jennings and Bliss. The internal drawer locking device is different but functions the same as there's. Based on seller history, it's around 80 to90 years old.

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    Nice chest! The only fault I can see with it is the replacement handle. It doesn't seem to fit in with the period of the chest, and the slotted screws are a dead giveaway. Not a deal breaker - just a part of its history.

    Probably should look like this:


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    I did wonder about that, however there is virtually no information about Hollowell on the web. It was the first wood box I owned, and the previous owner had done a nice resto on it. Never seen another until coming here.


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