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Thread: Bushings on top of front panel

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    Bushings on top of front panel

    I just got a chest in, a leatherette covered 42, and it was damaged in shipping. The front panel was not secured in place by the top pins, so was left to slam against them. The bushings, not to mention the wood and leatherette around them, were damaged. I can fix the wood and leatherette, but are the metal bushings available? I didn't see them in the store.


    More pictures at

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    Get a hold of Scott, he can help you out on the bushings.

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    IMG_0018.jpgIMG_0019.jpguser459: I recently restored a wrapped 41 that had some gouges in the leatherette and the bottom leatherette panel was missing. I went up on Amazon and bought a small inexpensive leather and vinyl repair kit. I used it to fill in the gouges and it did fine. The pattern pieces that you place on the repair to emboss the pattern did not exactly match the pattern of the leatherette but you had to look close to see the difference. The supplied black color filler matched. As for the bottom, I went to a fabric store and got about a 1/2 yard of black leatherette. Cut it to cover the bottom and used spray adhesive to attach it to the bottom. I finished it with an roller to smooth it out and Bob's your uncle. Then attached the corner protectors over it.

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    Great looking 41! The bottom covering is more of a fabric, what upholsterers call a scrim. My local shop has a big bolt of fabric very closely resembling the original. I just cut off a piece as I need it. I attach it with spray adhesive like you do. Putting the rubber feet on the corner hardware insures it will last another 100 years.


    I've been thinking about those vinyl repair kits. I've used them before but never on a Gerstner. Amazon, here I come!

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    That is a great looking wrapped 41.
    You did an excellent job with the vinyl repair kit great idea very nice.
    I never thought much about the leatherette wrapped chests, but I'm really starting to like the style
    Thanks for sharing,

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    I truly like the wrapped chest, gives the feeling of importance. I have never seen a doctors chest without some kind of covering. Think how much more time is takes to make! I want to learn how to wrap and do the design work on the outside. I may have to design a machine to do the job.

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    I'm not a huge fan of the leatherette type material although they do look nice when restored. I've done one in old leather and am planning on doing one in some nice leather. Not exactly the covering for a job shop, but for knife collectors or a jewelry box, it should be ok.
    Ken Lewellyn

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    Homemade Bushings

    I ended up making my own bushings using a tubing cutter and a flaring tool, and then tweaking them to fit and match.


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    That is the brilliant workmanship they look like they will work splendidly

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    The eyelets that you are asking about are part of the part #1037 and #1050 plunger pin sets. If you only need the eyelets and not the rest of the plunger pin assembly, send me a message and I will get you a price.

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    Eyelets! That's the word I've been looking for! Thanks, Scott. I'll be talking to you.

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    In replacing the top section of an O42 panel I found that some screw eye bases from Netcraft made suitable replacements for the long gone eyelets. One photo shows the replacement next to an original in an O52 chest. The other shows them out of the Netcraft package. They come nickel plated and are a little shorter than original but that doesn't show when they are installed.

    eyelets 019.jpgeyelets 013.jpg

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    Nice find. What dia. did you order?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill View Post
    Nice find. What dia. did you order?
    They only have the one size, its item 37120. Actually got them 30 years ago to keep the hook points from scratching the paint job on my homemade hulapoppers and propeller topwaters. Had a lot of leftovers and saw them in the drawer of another Gerstner chest I store lure making supplies. Looked like they would do a better job than the pop-rivet sleeve that I first tried.

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    Thanks for the info.


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