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Thread: Hinge styles

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    As for myself, I would pass on it. As for age, I would WAG sometime in the 30's or even earlier. I'm looking at the hinges, the corner protectors and it looks like #6 screws.

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    Another chest Gerstner made without label is a National. There are times in production through out the decades, Gerstner had to use several different lock companies due to availability.

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    I have seen them before, but I'm pretty sure they are not Gerstner.

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    I knew I had seen them before! I found them on my bench, but can't remember where I got them... I have CRS...Can't Remember Squat!


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    Hmmm I was sure I had posted a reply to this. Sigh getting old.
    The box is definitely a Gerstner, so I find it quite interesting. Might make an offer.

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    Well, I made an offer for the box only and he accepted it. Will be a couple weeks till I get it, pictures when it arrives...

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    Cool! You might want to email Scott and ask him about those 6 rivet hinges and when they were used.

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    Good thought. Sorry for the radio silence, work has been insane.

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    I'm glad you have work. Hope it doesn't interfere too much with your hobby!!

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    So that box showed up yesterday, haven't had time to do anything to it, but it's definitely a Gerstner, very well preserved oval decal, numbers on the backs of the drawers match the number on the carcass, etc.
    So, two questions; first, Terry are those hinges from a Gerstner? Or were these a shortage that got procured to cover production?
    Second (or maybe third, depending on how one counts these things) this is the second old box I have received that has rubber bumpers on the backs of the drawers. Never heard of this before and I assumed the model 24 was an owner modification. Now I have this old 41 with the same bumpers.
    Anyone? Bueller?

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    I'm pretty sure the hinges were fro a box I parted out, most likely a Gerstner that was beyond salvation. I have seen little nails or spacers on the back of drawers, used to make them flush with the fronts.

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    Interesting. Haven't seen those hinges anywhere other than your photos, Terry.

    Any idea if those little rubber baby buggy bumpers are available anywhere?

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    No idea. I would try Ace Hardware.

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    What do the bumpers look like? I may be able to help you out. Check our . I run the manufacturing facility so is you see something that looks right PM me and let me know.

    Joe R

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    We need pictures, pictures, pictures!


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