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Thread: Kit Chest with a Fender Sunburst Guitar Finish

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    Kit Chest with a Fender Sunburst Guitar Finish

    I completed this kit chest for my father to match his 1963 Fender Stratocaster Guitar.


    The top 3 drawers have the hardware used to hold a guitar strap as knobs. The bottom 2 have the Tone and Volume knobs from a guitar as drawer knobs.

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    Very nice! And creative. I'm finishing a "custom restoration" with some nice birds eye maple veneer and a few other changes but unfortunately I didn't have a Gerstner when I started so I had to use a "Gerstner Wannabe". I picked up a few old (decrepit) Gerstner's so the next one WILL be a Gerstner...

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    I just saw this today at Stewart-MacDonald. I want to build several of these and cover them in vinyl for a guitar amp theme. They would be very handy around the shop to hold amplifier parts and such.

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    We did talk to Stewart-McDonald about making some kits for covering with vinyl/leatherette, but it hasn't gotten past the idea phase.

    Would you be interested in purchasing a kit chest that is made out of 1/2" birch plywood. The kit chest would come with enough of our black leatherette to cover the shell of the chest and the front door. The drawer fronts could be made using either the Alder that StewMac sells or the White Oak that our standard kit chests have.

    I am thinking about using the plywood because we wouldn't have to glue up solid wood to make the chest parts that are going to be covered, which would help keep the cost lower.

    The kit chest would have the same joinery that our regular kits use and it would be assembled the same way. The main difference would be you would skip the staining and finishing steps on the shell of the chest and instead cover the shell with the vinyl/leatherette.

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    That would be perfect. Most guitar amp cabinets are made from Baltic birch or similar plywood since it has fewer voids and machines up like a champ. I've seen wooden gears made from it. The alder seems like it can be stained with the most variations from light to dark and looks fantastic in any color. The outer shell could be wrapped in any number of vinyl or tweed coverings. I think has one of the largest selections of vinyl geared towards guitar amps. Some of the rougher textures wouldn't work so well considering that the drawers would catch on it when being pulled out. I'm a bit bland but I like black, browns, medium to dark greens (olive drab) and medium to navy blue. Someone could match the colors of their favorite amp and use it as a survival kit including a selection of tools, fuses, guitar and amp repair parts, etc. Optional rubber or metal glides on the bottom, a handle and it would be all set.
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    Went digging through my shed/shop and found a yard of navy blue and a half yard of Marshall green vinyl. Both of these would look great on a small toolbox. I'm probably in the minority for liking vinyl covered chests. I think it really sets off the wooden drawer fronts inside. I've probably seen so many guitar cases and guitar amp cabinets so it doesn't bother me. It reminds me of luggage and looks ready to go places. After seeing some of the older chests on these forums, I think oak is starting to grow on me. Overall, it makes for a good looking functional display piece.

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    Now that is freaking cool. I love it!!!

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    That's sweet!

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    This post is more from a business development perspective and not for the traditionalists I too have come to love vinyl covered Gerstner chests and am about to try my hand at recovering 3 of them. After speaking with my wife on this topic she said why does Gerstner not partner with other companies like Orvis, Filson, and others with perhaps a waxed canvas hunting chest, or a leather lined gentlemans chest with Filson/Gerstner logo? Perhaps even, brace yourself... Kate Spade, Vera Wang, and other designers generally geared toward woman to offer chests that appeal to the makeup, fashion and jewelry industry? Yes these are already used in those industries I know but not with their fabric and fabric ideas. I love Gerstner and am slightly obsessed with the possibilities. I'll try and recover one in a different color of Tolex in the near future and post it.


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