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Thread: Keys for your locks

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    Keys for your locks

    If you have a lock that needs keys, and your local locksmith can't make them for you, Lacey's is willing to do it. Call and ask for Kim or Leah and they'll explain rates and how to get the lock to them. They will need the physical lock in their possession to make the keys. They can't do it from the lock number. I have no affiliation with them except as a satisfied customer.

    Tell them Terry, the toolbox guy, sent you!

    Lacey's Lock Svc.jpgTerry's tool boxes Card.jpg

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    Awesome Terry, I have 4 that need keys, i will definitely give them a call!!!

    Hey, what is the area code?

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    I didn't realize thay hadn't included the area code! That's just how "old school" they are...

    Their phone numbers are:

    321 632-7477
    321 632-5900
    321 632-7239 FAX

    If you have any trouble, send them to me and I will hand deliver them for you.



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