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Thread: Domed Split rivets

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    Domed Split rivets

    I got a query from a forum member asking about the availability of replacement rivets that have a higher dome, like the originals. The ones I find through Gerstner and other suppliers have an almost flat, or truss-style head.

    truss head rivets.jpg

    After many months of dealing with manufacturers in China and Viet Nam, I think we are close to getting a domed, steel, nickel-plated split rivet. I have sent samples and have struggled with the language barrier.

    two rivets.jpg

    I hope that soon we will have an accurate reproduction available to us.

    Is their any interest out there?

    I would appreciate it if you would let me know.

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    I'd definitely be interested. The last two vintage chests had domed and I was very careful to remove and straighten the split. The end result was one chest with truss head due to replacement hardware that was needed and one chest with polished and reused domed. What's the min qty that the manufacturer will run and breakeven on cost?

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    I am interested.


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    Domed Split Rivet Samples

    Here are the preliminary photos of the sample run. They just got back from nickel plating. They are being sent to me for my approval.



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