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Thread: Looking for keys!

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    Looking for keys!

    Does anyone out there have keys for a lock that says 56-E-4?

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    I am also missing a lock with a "similar" ID number. The lock was made by the defunct National Lock Co. of Rockford, IL. ID #392-E-38. The lock does not have "Gerstner" stamped on it like some locks manufactured by others. Attempted to follow up on who purchased N.L. and found that the company's name went through several purchases/mergers (1939 - Keystone Steel & Wire; 1981 - Valhi, Inc; 1993 - Comp X International, Mauldin, SC). Sent inquiry to Comp X about a week ago and have heard nothing back. Spoke to Gerstner about a key and they do not have any of this ilk on hand; therefore, I doubt they can assist you either. There is a thread about keys going on now with a guy (Jeff) having a locksmith attempt to make him a key.

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    I guess I must be particularly blessed! I have an old time locksmith shop in the next town that can fit keys to just about anything I bring in to them. I have brought Gerstner (Eagle), Yale, Rockford, and others to them and they hand fit on key and then duplicate the second fro it. Besides, you can't really depend on lock codes to be consistent with the amount of wear on the lock.

    This guy has the 56E4 you are looking for"

    Scroll down to National Lock.


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    Thank you very much! I was able to purchase the keys I need from the website you put up! Awesome!! Much appreciated!!

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    I love it when a plan comes together!


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