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Thread: Sources for Machinist Tool Chests

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    Sources for Machinist Tool Chests

    Back in July we moved from Edmonds, WA to Springboro, OH (about 15 miles south of Dayton). I know, why in the h--- would you do such a thing? Well, our two youngest off springs and their families live in the Cincinnati-Dayton area so we decided to get priced out of WA and go bother them for the next few years. Certainly is cheaper out here.
    I thought I’d be moving into the heart of the machinist tool chest industry. It’s no better out here than it was out there. Antiques malls, swap meets, American Picker sites and Craig’s List just aren’t getting it.
    Where, other than ebay, are you folks are finding your treasures ?.......Ted

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    Most of mine come from Ebay. I also check Craigslist wherever I travel, and pick up quick a few in the northeast. I've also got them at thrift stores, flea markets, etc. sometimes they find me!

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    So I keep looking and watching for chests to rebuild. I never know if it is a good deal or not??? I know the value is what a person is willing to pay but what is an "average price" on boxes that need refinishing? What I am seeing is about $200 for a box needing to be refinished and about $400 and up for a restored box. Am I right?

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    I think you're on the right track, but it is a little more subjective than that. You have to know what you're looking for and see the potential in what you find. Just because I like one particular box doesn't mean anyone else will.


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