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Thread: Unknown wooden chest

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    Unknown wooden chest

    Hello everybody,
    I own the following wooden chest but I do not know its origin.
    Can anyone help me find out more about this chest?
    Thank you very much.
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    It looks to me to be a homemade chest that was made out of wood from some sort of shipping container or crate. I've never seen one like that from a known manufacturer.
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    I agree.

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    But it writes:

    from savh
    quartermaster depot
    medical section

    which is related to medical equipment from the WWII

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    It may be a crate that held medical equipment at one time, but I see no relationship to the wooden machinist's tool chests that are discussed on this forum. Perhaps you could Google some military relics website or forum to get the answers you seek.

    There was a Koken Manufacturing Company in St Lois, Missouri, that made barber chairs and supplies. Maybe they ventured into some medical supplies during the war.


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