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Thread: My wife says I am becoming obsessive...

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    My wife says I am becoming obsessive...

    just because I am starting to encroach on her side of the garage.


    I have to lay off buying project tool boxes for a while. My therapy will be to finish up the ones I have started. I have a show coming up on October 21 & 22 in Cocoa Village, FL. Hopefully, I'll thin out the herd.

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    She should be happy she knows where you are!!! Some guys are out collecting girlfriends.

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    Good luck on the up coming show.

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    Well if the shoe fits.....

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    I have no problem owning up to the fact that I'm obsessive about toolboxes. That obsession has replaced a lot of other harmful obsessions and has given me an outlet that is healthy, sane, and therapeutic. And, I'm not chasing girls!

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    I back off all the time to work on my other hobbies. The problem with my Gerstner hobby is that I'm always running into deals that are impossible to pass on. Just when I say "that's it for now," the G-Monster attacks from all angles.

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    This is EXCELLENT!!!! Thank you Terry for being a shining example of how much worse it could be...
    My mrs has nothing to complain about!
    Heading to eBay to find more toolboxes

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    There's no example like a bad example! That does not, however, mask the fact that you are now infected with the toolbox disease. The first step is admitting you have a problem...

    Good luck on your quest!


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    Wonder if there is a “12 Step Program” for this issue we have.

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    "I'm powerless over toolboxes and my shop has become unmanageable."

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    You're having fun and not hurting anyone - sounds healthy to me.

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    Restoration is therapy for my mental condition...

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    The real problem I have is that when I get a tool box I become obligated to fill it with nice high quality tools. But then once it is filled I need a new tool box.

    and so forth and so on.....

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    A lot of my chests contain air, which means my motive for owning so many chests should be in question.

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    I believe the 12 step program is to buy 12 Gerstners...


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