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Thread: Felt Layout

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    Felt Layout

    I tried to answer a forum member's question about how much felt he needed to do a particular chest. I realized that there are many variables; whether it is a chest or a case, the number of drawers, the front panel, etc.

    Since I have an O42 here with me while in exile from Hurricane Irma, I decided to try to come up with a drawing of a layout of the pieces. I drew the felt in 36" X 108", as it comes from Gerstnerusa. Then I laid out the felt as I would cut it; The biggest pieces first, so that the remainder can be used for the smaller drawers and front panel.

    O42 Felt Layout.jpg

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    I figured I wasn't the only one coming up with spare felt after a re-build. I guess that means you have to buy more chests to fix up!



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