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Thread: Hurricane Irma Gerstner O42

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    Hurricane Irma Gerstner O42

    We fled from Florida just before Hurricane Irma hit, due to a planned vacation. We put up our storm shutters and left town a day early. Of course, before I left, I bought a chest on Ebay and arranged to pick it up in Connecticut so I would have a project to work on. I met a nice guy in Middletown, CT, and picked up an O42 in great shape. Good bones, lousy finish. Dirty and sweaty, just how I like them! We're staying on the Connecticut shore and, since I am not a beach person, I work on it while the family is roasting at the beach (a hostile environment for a pale blue Scottish person like me).


    More on the story here:

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    Back at it

    The remnants of Hurricane Jose passed by the Connecticut shore last night and this morning, with no reportable incidents. Just to be on the safe side, I hauled everything back down to the basement of the rental cottage to apply the first coats of polyurethane.


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    Moved to Enfield, CT

    We're still refugees from Irma, but have moved our headquarters to my other daughter's house in Enfield, CT. I took over her garage and driveway and applied the final coats of polyurethane during a record hot spell here in the Northeast. It's been over 90 for two days, with more hot weather to come.


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