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    New project

    Started work on a mahogany model 52. Every drawer needs repair, even the center drawer. The front panel was broken in 3 pieces. Finished gluing the front panel and box today. Finished repairing one drawer and only 10 more to go. The box upper 4 corners were broken, probably from dropping as evident by two of the front feet being dented. The lock had been pried off which resulted in a horizontal crack all the way across the front of the lid. I do have an old lock and key in my stash an I think it will find it's new home. One of my wife's friends stopped by and before she left, she took a bunch of pictures of it. Prospective customer? Who knows. I will sell it because I already have one in my own collection.


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    This will be a fun one to watch....I had a couple of mahogany chests not truly understanding what I had before I gave them away as gifts....long time ago.

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    It's been way too hot for the last couple of weeks to work on a box. We haven't dropped below triple digit the whole time. I did manage to play a little but that's it. I finished the top lid and front panel for the mahogany 52.


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    Road trip today yielded a sorry looking O52 for $60. I will work on this one off and on after I finish the mahogany. The what? Oh, you mean the car.
    That belongs to my wife and her sisters. 1951 Chev. Deluxe 2door. Their father passed a couple of months ago. Somewhat of a hoarder. Anyway, this car, and a 1948 Chev. Fleetline 2door, and a pickup were up at his house about a 3 hour drive North of us. The girls made several trips up there to clean up the place and put it on the market. My P/UP is a towing edition Ford, so I rented a trailer and hauled it back to our place. Another sister hauled the Fleetline to her place. This car was restored about 12 years ago, including the replication of the original paint color. I would like to have it, but I don't have any space to work on it, much less having the money to do it. So it went on the market. And yes, it does run. 3 on the tree with a straight 6. A guy left a deposit and asked up to keep it a couple of weeks until he gets space for it in his new shop. Well, we will see.
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    I went ahead and started on the 60$ special (above) while waiting for stuff to dry on two other chests. As you can see in the above photo, the back was toast as a result of long exposure to water. I removed what damaged wood was left, re-glued all four corners of the box, and then cut to size some 1/4 inch plywood and replaced the back. The plywood has oak on one side and who knows what on the other side. After a little sanding on one edge, I secured the replacement back panel in place with glue and a couple of small head nails. I think this fix will work out fine. Goes to show you that there is no such thing as scrap wood. It's wood that hasn't been used yet. The plywood has been laying around for some time now, left over from another project. There was just enough to cut to size, about two inches to spare. And yes, I will keep that two inch strip. Well, it looks like one of the other chests is dry, time to finish it.



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