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Thread: The Gerstner Gods have spoken and they say....

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    The Gerstner Gods have spoken and they say....

    Nice try, but you still have a broken lock....which makes you incomplete. One of those gods said, "very nice handle!"
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    See my local Coyote in one of those pics?
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    Nice looking handle! I'll keep my eye out for a lock. Is that a backyard coyote?

    I have these next door:


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    I have 3000 photos of coyotes in the city here, but would love to have that cat of yours hanging around here.

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    Beautiful chest with or without a lock!
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    Very Scary Coyote Puppies.....hide your children

    Backyard coyotes......see the ferocious pups?
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    Awww the poor little mouse. (>:


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