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Thread: Model 14 restoration questions

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    Model 14 restoration questions

    Here are some photos from my work on the new model 14, as you can see the joint at the front and the back of the right side is probably 1/8" wider than the carcass. Also the wood seems to be red oak or beech. Does this look like a repair job?
    Also the lock has had an attempt at drilling out the rivets. I peeled the felt off, bent the clenched rivet and drove them out.
    Would this be best replaced? I don't think a new rivet would cover the hole completely. I also don't have keys for this one.

    Model 14 back joint.jpgModel 14 front joint.jpgModel 14 left side.jpgModel 14 lock.jpgModel 14 right side.jpg

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    It doesn't look to be a repair job on the wood; it appears original. It's white quarter sawn oak. Since the grain of the two panels is perpendicular to each other, uneven expansion has made panel slightly wider. In those cases, I just sand them down to mate up with the top piece. It's been my experience, they stay stable after finishing.

    The lock is definitely toast. It's too bad the previous owner didn't think to remove the rivets from the back side! I think you need a new one. You can inquire on the forum for a used one or order one from Gerstner.

    Good luck! You've got a good start!
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    Thanks for that Terry! I knew you would know! It's funny how different the grain and colour are.
    I suspected as much with the lock. Oh well, I'm going to be ordering a bunch of stuff so I might as well add that to the list.
    Slightly off topic but relating to ordering locks; I'm negotiating with a guy on a model 22 that is missing the front cover. Is that style of lock available anywhere? I didn't see it on the parts page.


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    Just so you know, you can get 20% off if you join the Gerstner Owners Club. It takes a lot of the sting out of the price.

    I make it a practice NOT to buy boxes with front panels missing, regardless of the type of lock. That being said, I have half a dozen or more on the project shelved waiting for front panels or locks to come up on Ebay. I have been known to buy a crappy wreck of a box just for the panel or lock. It's not an economically viable thing to do unless you are crazy about the box and need it to complete a collection.

    I've found it just doesn't pay off in the long run. The front panels are too hard to find and too hard to make and match to the boxes.

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    I'm with you on not buying boxes missing parts, but this is a leatherette box that has no leatherette on it. So I figured that the front panel could be anything if it's getting covered. I can make up a maple panel and cover it easily enough. Besides the box is a pretty old one. So now I just have to find a lock for it!

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    OK, you won me over! If it's a box that has already been tampered with, then it's fair game. Go for it!

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    I don't see any model 22's here so I figured it was worth saving...


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