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Thread: Do not use gorilla glue!

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    Do not use gorilla glue!

    Seriously, if you have Gorilla Glue in your house, get rid of it! It does nasty things to wood and will kill you while you sleep! I just spent the better part of an hour trying to take apart a botched front panel repair (?). The Weasel Snot (Gorilla Glue) they used just managed to force the joint apart when it expanded and made it harder to remove. Further, the dumb son of a twit who did it glued the floating front panel in, too!


    Use a good quality yellow or white glue to re-assemble a front panel and only glue the rails and stiles together at the joints. DO NOT glue the raised panel in place. It needs to float freely.

    There is no solvent that will touch this stuff; it has to be mechanically removed. The bottom line is: Don't use it!

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    The Gorilla glue is not good for fine cabinetry especially in the hands of someone who does not know what they are doing and decide to glue up the floating panel. Have you tried Acetone to help remove the glue? it will not necessarily dissolve it but it will soften it enough to make it easier to scrape off. I guess that is just part of your job to fix the sins of others from the past.

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    I scraped it off with a sharp chisel after I googles solvents for Gorilla Glue. I got a science lesson, but no one could come up with a solvent that I could spell. It seems that there is a chemical reaction between moisture in the wood and the polyurethane glue that transmutates it into weasel snot! Some kind of witchcraft and alchemy. I got wanted to get rid of the sh&t!

    You're right! That's my job and that's what I signed on for.

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    I work with Isocyanates (the active ingredient) all week long. Yes it is a sticky beast of a product that does react with moisture. It does make for a great adhesive in some applications but this in not necessarily one of them.

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    According to other sources, "this is not cyanoacrylate. Its a polyurethane adhesive."

    I'd rather work with cyanoacrylates all day long than this crap!

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    I remember using Gorilla glue.......ONCE!

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    This stuff Stinks!

    Don't use it except to repair farm equipment and picnic tables!



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