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Thread: Could this be a Style 24?

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    Could this be a Style 24?

    I saw this one on Ebay and tossed in a bid. It came today...


    Any thoughts??

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    It must be some variant of the 24 or a 26. Per the 1976 catalog it shows a 24 with 13 drawers. Both had removable instrument trays.

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    Yes, the chest is a variant of the Style 24, which we called a 24M-3. I believe the changes were made at the request of Marquette University, which is the reason for the M in the style #. Marquette was the last University that was purchasing the Dental Cases for students, once OSHA changed the rules for storing dental tools.

    OSHA decided that student dental tools, needed to be stored in a sterile environment, even though the tools weren't being used on people. Since you can't sterilize wood, the students were no longer permitted to use wood dental chests.


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