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Thread: Drawer knob for a Star Chest

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    Drawer knob for a Star Chest

    I am currently restoring a Star Chest, I bought it with the front panel and lower drawer missing. During disassembly I broke the wings on one other split rivet(drawer knob). The knob are an oversized split rivet. I am in need of 3, please let me know if you can help. I also need the sleeves
    The shaft is 5/32", the head size is 1/2" and the length is 1"
    the sleeve is 3/8" long

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    What size is the STAR chest? I may be able to help...


    Here is all that is left of it:


    and other info on the same type knobs on different chests:



    You are welcome to whatever you would like to scavenge from the STAR: just pay postage.
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    Got nothing here. Good luck.

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    Hi Terry,

    I don't want to hijack Craig's post but you may just have some of the parts I'm looking for. I'm working on the same type of Star Chest as the one you have parted out, but on older version (wood runners, no corner supports on the top of the base, and the middle section between the draws is not routed as you can see in the picture). Would you be willing to the knobs off and send just those and maybe one or two of the lid pin since one of those is missing. I'll take all the knobs, one I have is a different style and some of the others have a tang broken off. Let me know what the postage would be.

    Jim Wright
    Star Chest Front.jpgStar Chest Knob.jpg

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    Now that I think about it, 2 or 3 of the drawer bottoms I have are bad. Please let me know what it would take to ship the drawers too. I will send you a message with my address.


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    I sent all the remaining drawers to Craig and the rest of the box went in the trash. Sorry.

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    No Trouble. Glad most of the parts were able to be used.


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    I have made passable substitutes for the riveted knobs by sourcing longer split rivets with large heads and slipping them through inverted eyelets, like the originals. You just have to make sure they are long enough to pass through the drawer front and leave enough to by peened over.



    Good luck,

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    I like that eyelet idea. Did not realize that is what was used. I used to deal with Simpson at work. Will need to see if the guy I dealt can get me some samples.


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