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Thread: Pilliod model 15

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    Pilliod model 15

    Finished my Pilliod today. It's a model 25 and based on size and drawer joinery, made between 1924 to 1925. Repaired structure and a couple of drawers. Replaced two back feet with period correct. Polished all hardware, Copper drawer pulls or did the nickel wear off. Sanded, stained, 3 coats of Spar. Replaced the handle, installed new felt, and applied Pilliod decal of which was obtained due to Terry's info. Found on old flat key in the junk drawer and it works, most of the time. Yep, I saw what I did, Typo on thread name. Should read 25, not 15, but apparently I can't edit the thread name. Oh well.


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    That is beautiful, nice work!

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    Nickel plating


    Looks great! I love the front panel grain. I believe the pulls were nickel over the copper, but worn off. I just finished a chest that had copper pulls, but I re-plated them with nickel using a kit from Caswell.

    The site won't let me add pictures - it keeps locking up.
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