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Thread: Is this a Gerstner Model 24 Dental Chest?

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    Is this a Gerstner Model 24 Dental Chest?

    Hi everyone. I picked up this chest a couple of weeks ago at an estate sale and wondered if this was a genuine Gerstner. It looks a lot like a model 24 dental chest but it doesnít have the sticker on the front drawer and I canít find a Gerstner name anywhere.

    If itís a real Gerstner I might order a new sticker for the front drawer provided that I can confirm which one is appropriate. The build quality is excellent with all the drawer fronts being oak and they fit tight and slide really well. The top three drawers have little white trays that look like they hold small tools. The rest of the drawers have flat, white metal bottoms. There are 13 total drawers.

    Any insight you could provide would be appreciated.



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    This case shows up in a 1976 Gerstner catalog I have as a Style No. 24. it says it is 16 1/8" L, 15 1/4" H, and 10" deep.

    Style 24 CAT.jpg

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    Thank you for the response and I appreciate you taking the time to upload that picture of the specs.

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    Glad to help. Does that description match the dimensions of your case?

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    Yes, they are really close. Thanks again for the detail.


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